There are many ways you can raise money to help provide Buddy Bags. Remember fundraising can be done anywhere – at work, at home, on your own or as part of a group. From jumping out of a plane, dressing up as a super hero, organising a raffle, to fire walking. Buddy Bag fundraisers can do almost anything to make a difference to children who have been victims of domestic violence!

Whether you want to raise £1 or £1,000, there are hundreds of ways to achieve your target while enjoying yourself at the same time!

We’ve compiled a handy A-Z fundraising guide to give you some inspiration for ways to fundraise at home, work, school, with your friends or in your community.

Buddy Bag Brigade

Buddy Bag Foundation are committed to positively influencing the local communities in which we work and live.

The Buddy Bag Brigade is a great community and socially responsible opportunity. If you are a business owner and you would like your staff to participate in their own Team Buddy Bag Brigade - see our A-Z guide. This is a great team building opportunity that will make a real difference and turn your fundraising into a tangible opportunity to give back to a community project. All Buddy bags will be delivered to your local women’s refuge.

Donate a product or service

The Foundation is continually seeking donations of products and services that can be used in a silent auction or main auction items at our events.

We are also looking for bulk donations or wholesale rates for products that are suitable for our Buddy Bags (unfortunately we do not have the capacity to accept individual product donations. If you would like to donate a product or service to Buddy Bag Foundation, complete the form below or phone 07976 962986


We really appreciate and value all the work our volunteers do for the foundation. If you would like to support the Buddy Bag Foundation in any way, please complete this questionnaire.

Speaker request

Thank you for considering The Buddy Bag Foundation to speak at your event. We are passionate about raising awareness through our informative talks about the work our Foundation is doing to support children across the UK.